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      Featured Products
      Dezhou Liyuan International Co., Ltd.

      Dezhou Liyuan International Co., Ltd, established in January 2007, mainly supply various kind carpet in good quality, competitive price and best services with many years. and nonwoven fabric finish products, like exhibition carpet, fire-proof carpet, printed carpet, PVC door mat, shaggy carpet, carpet tile, wall to wall carpet, artificial grass carpet, carpet tape, grow bag, wall bag etc.
      Our company has a high quality, professional international trading team, and with "Quality first, Service is supreme, Faith, Honest, Innovation" as the company tenet, our company pursue quality as survival, creates brand as development. Complying with the international production standards, we control strictly purchasing raw material, production process, quality, packaging, transportation and so on. The guarantee system for goods, service, quality has been set up well. Scientific and perfect management and effective incentive mechanism make the business strong.

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